Research Data Management Done Right!

FURTHRmind in two sentences

FURTHRmind is a state-of-the-art software solution to manage all your research data, meaning all your samples, measurements, experiments, meta data, and raw data. Additionally, you can perform analysis on your data directly in FURTHRmind or you access the data from your favorite software for data analysis via our REST-API


What you get from FURTHRmind

Efficiency improvement

Find your research data faster and With automatisations, we reduce repetitive tasks consume a lot of time and being error prone

Compliance and data security

FURTHRmind protects your data. You decide, who should have access to which data.

Knowledge transfer and Teamwork

Discussion about ongoing research will be straight froward and project handover will become easy.

Transparent and traceable data streams

You will be able to understand the origin of your data even after a long time and know exactly what was changed within your data.

Get more out of your data

Your data are diamonds, but do you treat like this? With FURTHRmind you will get the complete value out of your data.

Be ready for the future

FURTHRmind is an enables the use of for technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Process Mining Applications due

Our References

By using FURTHRmind, we get more out of our research data. With the well structured data we were able to train neural networks and publish milestone papers. Without FURTHRmind this would have been almost impossible.”

Prof. Matthias Wessling


“FURTHRmind helps us to logically structure our thin film deposition experiments and connect it with characterization data such as chemical composition, structure, and mechanical properties. Thus, our employees always have a full picture of the research at hand and can work comfortably with the data.”

Dr. Marcus Hans

Group leader

“Research data is an asset. They come alive through meta data and their documentation is as important and requires systematic documentation. FURTHRmind is exquisite on data storage, data usage and meta data documentation.”

Dr. Hannah Roth

Assistant Professor


  • Sample management including meta-data
  • Keep track of your measurements and experiments
  • Link your samples with your measurements to have the complete overview about your research
  • Flexible research categories and items
  • Flexible field system for perfect documentation
  • Attach files to any of your research items
  • Interact with office files directly within FURTHRmind
  • Create your own filter to find your research fast
  • Create templates for your samples and experiments and inherrit from those
  • Create your custom units derived from standard units
  • Apply your own python scripts for data analysis directly in FURTHRmind
  • Open your research within spreadsheet and analyse the data online
  • Create spreadsheet templates and calculations
  • Interact with FURTHRmind from any programming language with our REST-API
  • Share your project with your colleagues
  • User management: Create user groups and set supervisors


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